The Global TB Program’s focus in Botswana is to improve clinical conditions and knowledge about treating Pediatric TB. Our focus is on diagnostics, prevention and treatment, and infection control. To improve diagnostics, we have collaborated with Upenn and District TB coordinators in institute contract tracing, developed a comprehensive Pediatric TB curriculum, trained HCWs on Pediatric TB and on proper sputum collection and sample handling, issued a nationwide roll-out of sputum induction and Gastric Aspiration, and engaged and lobbied CMS to ensure timely ordering of supplies. To improve the prevention and treatment of Pediatric TB, we have educated HCWs on the importance of IPT and IPT guidelines, trained HCWs on Pediatric TB diagnosis and treatment, implemented DOTS, and have an ongoing adherence counselling. To improve infection control, we have educated HCWs and the community on TB infection control and have conducted a health facility risk assessment.