The Global TB Program’s focus in Malawi is to improve clinical conditions and knowledge about treating Pediatric TB. Our focus is on diagnostics, prevention and treatment, and infection control. To improve diagnostics, we have increased sputum collection, developed a sputum collection SOP, visited CHSU and learned how to submit cultures, established a plan for gene xpert access, shared our cxr training lecture with our staff, made use of radiology consultants, implemented monthly rounds of chest x-rays, implemented TB training at COE, incorporated curriculum into current attachment programs, provided HCW training, and created SOP for contact tracing. To improve the prevention and treatment of Pediatric TB, we have convened a clinical discussion to determine the duration of IPT in pre ART patients and have addressed reporting and drug forecasting with NTP in TWG setting. To improve infection control, we have implemented screening questions in triage, created SOP for infection control, set aside a TB clinic day, set aside specific rooms to screen positive TB patients, and implemented cough screens and rooms.